There’s no doubt about it, glioblastoma almost always affects a patient’s memory. Especially short-term memory.

We should all keep a record of our passwords and important details somewhere, so our families can handle things should an emergency come up.

However, so often we don’t. Or we forget a few accounts here or there.

In my grandmother’s day, the amount of accounts she might have had to manage were definitely less than we tend to have per person today. Not to mention, the steps involved for account security have also changed.

As soon as possible, get that information down.

Overall, we’ve been fairly lucky. I already handled a lot of the bills and finances before John’s diagnosis. However, the week he went to the ER, he couldn’t even operate a computer. And to this day, spelling is often very difficult for him. And he cannot remember how to get into any of his work information, with all the layers of security it takes just to log into his employee account. And I have no idea either.

John has had times when his memory is suddenly there. The more tired he is, the more he forgets. The less tired, the better his memory.

So I started keeping a journal just for user names, passwords and instructions as they come to him.

We never know when John might forget again. It doesn’t help to try to force the information out, as stress seems to make memory worse.  So I keep the journal nearby and just grab it anytime something comes up, even when conversation is casual and something out of the blue just happens to occur to him.

Memory is an odd thing, especially for a brain cancer patient. Some days things are easy, other days, it’s just not. It’s not always predictable when memory will be there to serve or not.

So prepare ahead. Keep a journal handy. Go over things at the end of your day and write down anything that seems even a smidge important for later.

Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.


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