I’m sorry to say that with glioblastoma, you can’t wait around for your doctor or anyone else to educate you on everything fast enough. There’s so much information to absorb and so many decisions have to be made quickly. You simply don’t have time to wait on them to learn what you should be asking. There is a lot for you to prepare for. Timing is everything.

And while you may not be accustomed to reading medical studies, you need to get started.

Don’t know where to start?

For GBM newbies (and any one else interested), I collect glioblastoma related studies and articles on my Pinterest page.  It might help you as you begin your search for information. I try to be picky about what I include there.

Also, go to Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #glioblastoma to search out resources and articles.

Lastly, join a support group.

It helps – I promise.



One thought on “You Need To Educate Yourself…

  1. My best friend from childhood had non-small cell lung cancer that spread into her brain. She was very active in online support groups, first as someone needing support and later, as a moderator. It made a huge difference to her. I never would have thought of Pinterest as a place to pin cancer research but – why not? It’s perfect.


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