I am so sorry that you have any need to find a blog like mine.

This is not a fight for the faint of heart.

But let me assure you – you or your loved one have done nothing wrong to get this devastating cancer.

Glioblastoma is an equal opportunity offender. It has picked on a small segment of every age, every race, every demographic of humanity.

They still don’t understand exactly how it happens. But they do know that it’s not really related to a poor diet, or bad habits. The blood-brain barrier is very effective, which also makes primary brain cancers of all types very difficult to treat.

There are a surprising number of vegetarians, athletes, health conscious and organically minded people, etc. who have suffered at the hand of Glioblastoma. The kind of people you would never think of when you think of cancer of any kind, much less brain cancer.

There are only a few causes they have been able to prove a relationship with. Agent Orange (used in Vietnam) is one they’ve proven a connection to. Certain types of radiation exposure. There’s not much more than that. And only like 2-3% of glioblastoma cases have been tied to a genetic cause.

It’s not your fault. It sucks. And it’s so unfair.

So keep it in your mind – this isn’t God hating on you. This isn’t the consequence of you eating a twinkie. It’s an anomaly.

The sooner you get past the feelings of guilt and asking “why me,” the sooner you will be able to wrap your head around what you really need.  What’s next? How do we fight this thing?

Even under attack by cancer, flexible minds are best for fighting against all odds. Not rigid ones.

THAT’s where you need to get to.


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