I grew up on alternative treatments and am very familiar with that community/world in general.

With my medical allergies, I’ve had to consider other possibilities for treatment.

And I believe in a lot of alternative/natural remedies.

But within reason, and not blindly by far. And only with good supporting data.

There’s little that pushes my buttons so hard as unsubstantiated claims of “natural” treatments for things.

A lot of natural medicine and alternative treatments DO work, with provable results. But not all.

With that in mind, I’ll share this.

Both of my grandmothers suffered from non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. One used the Rife machine (nearly a decade ago) and one did not.  One lived a long time with her cancer; one did not.

In theory, the Rife concept seems intriguing and similar to that of Optune. Tune into the right frequencies and supposedly cancer can’t abide it and dies.

However, I can tell you that Rife didn’t help the grandmother who tried it. And she died at the young age of 76. My other grandmother lived into her 90’s. 

I’ve met other people who decided to use Rife to fight their cancers who later died. I wasn’t convinced when Grandma used it and I’m not convinced now.

While other cancers are much slower and allow you time to explore different options, glioblastoma does not. 

I’d consider Optune over Rife any day.




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